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If you passed, congratulations. If you didn't, don't give up. This is a temporary setback. Face it; embrace it; cut it loose; and take the next steps:

  1. Register for Dr. Saccuzzo's upcoming events, the first of which is his predictions webinar.
  2. Study our answer debriefs of the essays and the PT from the July exam. They're free in our CalBar Updates community.
  3. Make this next exam, your last one: consider our courses (right now save up to $600 off plus bonuses).

Register for upcoming events.

Register once here to reserve your free spots in all of Dr. Saccuzzo's upcoming events, like his predictions and score-letter-interpretation webinars.


Meet our new courses. And make this next exam, your last one.

Looking for a change? We just made one. Every cycle we aim to make our products better. This time we focused on overhauling the delivery and structure of our courses, and we are excited to share them with you now. Oh, and they're all deeply discounted for the next week or so, too.

Detailed day-by-day, task-by-task syllabus. Virtual classroom sessions. Simulated mini-bar exams. Live chats. And a whole lot more.

Registration ends January 3 or until the courses fill (and they will), so act fast.


Get answers on CalBar Updates.

Check out our free answer debriefs of the essays and the PT from the July 2018 exam on the CalBar Updates platform. We walk through the hypotheticals and discuss the main issues raised. On the free platform you'll also find our predictions, helpful bar exam tips and strategies, and community with your bar exam-mates.


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Register once here for all of Dr. Saccuzzo's upcoming events, like his predictions and score-letter-interpretation events.