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  • Structured online course, featuring a virtual classroom, daily tasks, reminders, accountability, coaching all the way up through the end of the exam, and our three-phased study approach ($898 value)
  • Individualized schedule tailored to the attorney's exam ($100 value)
  • Six months of access to PowerLaw Pro, which includes video lectures, essay banks, model answers, Proponics, an event bank, special discounts, Proponics, and more ($179 value)
  • Four simulated mini-bar exam days, each consisting of two essays and a PT, video debriefs and model answers, and grading of all eight essays and four PTs with our
    unique voice feedback
     ($1299 value)
  • Ten email consultations ($499 value)
  • Four, 30-minute live chat sessions with Dr. Saccuzzo or Dr. Johnson ($399 value)

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What People Are Saying:

I am writing to thank you for all your help this past exam administration. I took this exam five times before passing and I firmly believe that I only passed because of your program, method, and mentorship. I have not stopped talking about the genius of Proponics, what your classes have to offer, and the wonderful grading feedback I gained from the course. I literally have been telling anyone and everyone I meet who is struggling to pass the exam. Thank you, thank you. I so appreciate it.

Pardis, July 2018 California Bar Passer

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you to you and your colleagues. Last night at 6pm I was able to realize a dream I have had for quite some time. I know that without your tutoring, guidance, and encouragement I would not have been able to accomplish this feat. Thank you for giving me my life back, which has been on hold since this journey began. I hope you and your family as well as the whole dream team have a wonderful Holiday season: thanks to you my family and I will definitely have a great one.

Mimi, July 2018 California Bar Passer

California is originally home, and I so wanted to have a license in the state to help friends/family etc ... I had taken the California bar exam twice previously and failed. I tried studying Barbri outlines, but practicing full time and going from place to place with the military was enough to sink me and thwart my efforts. Then I found your course through one of your student’s references. [She] told me - “just do what Dr. Saccuzzo says!” It worked ... your personal approach and genuine demeanors go a long, long way. In particular, your voice-guided feedback on essays is above and beyond most of the other big box bar prep companies out there. When you released your debriefs for the July 2018 bar exam, I genuinely felt like the superheroes had rushed onto the battlefield to join me in the fight. I didn’t feel alone. ... You guys are the difference maker. Many salutes to you.

Christian, July 2018 California Bar Passer

I took my first bar exam 16 years ago and my most recent 12 years ago. Tackling the California bar was a daunting task. I gave the exam a try after studying for it on my own but didn't pass. I then enrolled in the BarSecrets Attorney course and here we are. I just found out I passed the exam and am writing a review. The Proponics Learning Environment synthesizes the vast amount of material one needs to review and retain in an effective way. The ability to review Model Answers built confidence. I would urge any out of state attorney to take the full Attorney course.

Verena, July 2018 California Bar Passer

I passed the July 2018 bar exam! I wanted to thank you all for your help once again, it was tremendous! The Bar Secrets program is amazing - the syllabus was SO helpful along with the Proponics. I was not expecting Con law to be on the bar, but once I read the question I went back to writing out the Level 1 topics and remembering the flow of what to ask myself when proposed with a DCC question. I loved that the program included simulation testing days; I added the grading feedback and it was very helpful for me to see my strengths and weaknesses.T he videos were concise and to the point and the examples given throughout the videos are ones that stuck with me throughout the bar process. The memorization process was perfectly explained and made the process much more do-able. Overall the entire process was easy to follow and made as simple as possible for those sitting for the bar. I genuinely feel that you all cared for our success throughout this process and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Ektaa, July 2018 California Bar Passer

I passed. The last two times I missed it because I failed the PT. I ran out of time. This time I started the afternoon with my PT and did the essays last. I think this worked out better for me, as I was not as pressed for time. I felt a lot more relaxed knowing that the PT was out of the way. I felt a lot more comfortable answering the essays and just simply followed the Proponics approach. I always did well on the MBE, however, this time I was not as confident. I found the questions were more difficult than previous times. Some of the fact patterns were knew to me and I used BARBRI and PMBR. I did not think I would score high enough to pass. I want to thank you, Dr. Johnson and Professor Poplin for all of your help. I could not have done it without you. I regret not having used the program since taking the Bar the first time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Claudia, July 2018 California Bar Passer

Thank you so much to the whole team of Bar Secrets for helping me to pass this CA July 2018 bar exam! Thank you Dr. Saccuzzo, Dr. Johnson, and Prof. Poplin for your incredibly amazing outlines, essay reviews, and for a real support! You are the best! Your program and approach and Adabtibar (MBE) helped me to pass this CA beast!

Maya, July 2018 California Bar Passer