Make this next exam, your last exam.

Maybe you've heard the proverb, "Fall down seven times, and stand up eight." That's incomplete. Once you're up, don't keep heading down the same path you keep tripping on. That's where we come in.


Your new roadmap

Our CalRetakers course kicks off with an analysis of your past performance. Once we've identified any problem areas, Dr. Saccuzzo will personally create the best path for your future success. Check out the features below.

Letter Analysis

Get your score letter from the most recent California Bar Exam interpreted. Before you move forward, you should know where you stand now.

Performance Analysis

Get your returned answers from the most recent California Bar Exam evaluated with our high-tech feedback approach (we embed voice comments right into your answers).


Get a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Saccuzzo himself. He will help you diagnose what has been going wrong (and what you're doing right), and then help you chart a course.

PowerLaw Pro

CalRetakers includes PowerLaw Pro, our best-selling online study vault (full of lectures, model answers, and more).


In addition to evaluating your past exams, get 3 essays and 1 PT graded using our high-tech grading approach. Our voice commentary is embedded directly into your answer.

Email Consultations

In addition to the 30-minute consultation, you get up to ten email consultations. Law questions, logistical concerns, anything exam-related that comes up along the way.

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Bar Letter Analysis ($249 value)

Performance Analysis ($499 value)

Consultation with Dr. Saccuzzo ($199 value)

PowerLaw Pro ($179 value)

Grading (3 essays + 1 PT) ($449 value)

Email Consultations ($499 value)


A smaller step

Maybe you just want to venture down one small path that we offer. Below you can purchase some of the CalRetakers components separately (you just don't get as good of a deal).


$179.00 USD

PowerLaw is our best-selling, most afforable online study vault, keeping safe hours and hours of video lectures and a...

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$249.00 USD

If you're unsure what service is right for you or you're new to using our materials, maybe you want a consultation wi...

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Performance Analysis

$499.00 USD

What if you're closer to passing than you think? California's score letters are cryptic or misleading, and the exams ...

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$899.00 USD

Our grading service is unlike any other you have used. When you get an essay or performance test graded by us, you ge...

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