Guided Study Pro

Intense. Personalized. Support.

For when passing is the only option.

Our Guided Study Pro course is packed with materials and support ideal for first-timers and repeaters alike. Lectures. Outlines. Grading. Unlimited consultations. And much, much more. Check out the features below.

Book Set

You will receive a set of our substantive law outline schema books. All of our essays and model answers are available via PowerLaw (which is also  included).

PowerLaw Pro

You will receive six months of access to PowerLaw, which includes the Proponics Learning Environment for Law (our online, interactive law outlines)

PT Course

You will receive six months of access to our PT Course, which will teach you how to approach and master any PT, boosting your overall written performance.


You will receive 10 graded essays and 5 graded PTs, using our personalized, multimedia feedback approach.

Personalized Plan

You will receive a personalized study and memorization plan from Dr. Saccuzzo, tailored to your needs and schedule from the moment you sign up up until when you take the exam.

Unlimited Consultations

You will receive unlimited email consultation with, and guidance from, us throughout the study period.

Guided Study Pro



Book set

PowerLaw and Proponics

PT Course

Essay and Performance Test Grading

Personalized study and memorization plan

Unlimited email consultation and guidance


À la carte services

Maybe you want to try a smaller piece of this course first. You can purchase portions of the course separately below.


$179.00 USD

PowerLaw is our best-selling, most afforable online study vault, keeping safe hours and hours of video lectures and a...

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Proponics Learning Environment for Law

$129.00 USD

The name "Proponics" derives from the roots "ponic" (meaning to grow) and "pro" (referring to a professional) because...

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$199.00 USD

If you're unsure what service is right for you or you're new to using our materials, maybe you want a consultation wi...

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"Bar Secrets helped me pass the California bar exam on the first attempt. Their materials and methods helped me overcome my doubts, and to my surprise memorization was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you!"

Jennifer Poplin

"Based on high praise, I chose Bar Secrets to prepare me for the most intense test of my life: the California Bar Exam. I was not disappointed. I believe that Dennis Saccuzzo and Nancy Johnson's psychological approach applied to law, along with their emphasis on practice exams (under exam conditions) and taking care of mind and body, was what resulted in me being a first-time bar passer. From the day one, I could tell they truly had a secret; they knew how to pass the California Bar Exam. I recommend Bar Secrets with all my might, and without reservation."

Joshua Kay

"Thank you! I could not have done it without you guys. I really do believe in the program, and all I did was follow the schedule. It wasn't easy (and it made for some long days) but it worked. Without your support, I would not have made it."

Pratik Shah

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