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Bar Secrets® California Bar Prep and MBE Books - Where Law and Psychology Meet

Bar Secrets is the innovative bar prep provider that top bar candidates turn to when they must pass the bar exam.  Bar Secrets isn't the biggest (or loudest) bar prep provider in the market, but it is the soundest.  Started by two psychologists-turned-lawyers who knew there must be a better way to prepare for the California bar exam, Bar Secrets' founding concept is foolproof:  If your brain is wired to process, learn, memorize, and apply information in an optimal way, then why not present the law you need to learn for the essays and MBE on a bar exam in that very way?  Our bar prep books were developed to make the jobs of assimilating the law and writing law essays easier, more efficient, and less stressful.  Here's an example of our schematic approach.  The schema "branches" or "lines" are iconic to us, as you can see in our logo.

Studying for any bar exam is tough enough.  Why make it harder by choosing a bar prep provider that buries you in hundreds and hundreds of pages of outlines, and one that costs twice as much for half the level of service?  Whether you're a law student or attorney, whether you're taking the California bar exam or some other bar exam, Bar Secrets has something for you to help you pass the bar--and pass the bar on the first attempt!

The Schematic Approach

No one - not even a chess master - can learn the thousands of rules and elements that appear on the Bar exam without a "trick". The schematic approach provides such a trick by showing you the most effective way of organizing and learning. It is faster, more efficient and much easier than conventional methods. In the schematic approach, information is presented the way the human brain stores it. In learning any topic, the brain begins by forming a simple general categorical framework. Detailed information is then added to that framework in stages.

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Secrets of Human Memory

Studying for law exams or the Bar exam doesn't have to be torture. You don't have to memorize hundreds of disjointed rules and elements. This is not the smart way to use your memory.

What is memory? Well, it's many things. People who claim to have poor memories really mean they have poor "retrieval" skills. Retrieval means recalling, or recovering information once learned. One of the most important secrets of memory is that one's ability to retrieve (recall) information depends on how we deal with it in the first place!

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