Read what some of our past students have to say about their experience studying with us.

Ektaa Nijjar, Attorney

"The Bar Secrets program is amazing - the syllabus was SO helpful along with the Proponics. I loved that the program included simulation testing days; I added the grading feedback and it was very helpful for me to see my strengths and weaknesses. The videos were concise and to the point and the examples given throughout the videos are ones that stuck with me throughout the bar process. The memorization process was perfectly explained and made the process much more do-able. I genuinely feel that you all cared for our success throughout this process and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"

Pratik Shah, Attorney

"Thank you! I could not have done it without you guys. I really do believe in the program, and all I did was follow the schedule. It wasn't easy (and it made for some long days) but it worked. Without your support, I would not have made it."

Maya Gaziev, Attorney

"Thank you so much to the whole team of Bar Secrets for helping me to pass this CA July 2018 bar exam! Thank you Dr. Saccuzzo, Dr. Johnson, and Prof. Poplin for your incredibly amazing outlines, essay reviews, and for a real support! You are the best! Your program and approach and Adabtibar (MBE) helped me to pass this CA beast!"

Joshua Kay, Attorney

"Based on high praise, I chose Bar Secrets ... I was not disappointed. I believe that Dennis Saccuzzo and Nancy Johnson's psychological approach applied to law, along with their emphasis on practice exams (under exam conditions) and taking care of mind and body, was what resulted in me being a first-time bar passer. I recommend Bar Secrets with all my might, and without reservation."

Kris Mukherji, Attorney

"I PASSED!!!!! I am so thankful for all your help, support and guidance during this process ... I am getting married today. I checked the results during our wedding rehearsal dinner last night ... I saw my mom cry tears of joy like never before ... I always said that pass or fail, Bar Secrets was the best program anyone could take."

Jennifer Poplin, Attorney

"Bar Secrets helped me pass the California bar exam on the first attempt. Their materials and methods helped me overcome my doubts, and to my surprise memorization was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you!"

Jessyca Henderson, Attorney

"I stumbled upon very late in my bar study, about two weeks out from the exam. Though I do not know yet whether or not I successfully passed the bar, I do know that if I did pass, it will be owing in no small part to the Power Video lectures and Proponics charts, which enabled me to focus my study and visualize the structure of the law that is most often tested on the bar. For visual learners especially, this is an essential part of bar study. I appreciated the big box program I enrolled in for what it offered - but while that was all blunt force, Proponics was surgical in approach - exactly what I needed when I needed it. If I am not successful this time, I will know exactly what to do - and Proponics will be a big part of it. I am truly grateful for the barsecrets materials and highly recommend them."

Pardis Bakheshi, Attorney

"I am writing to thank you for all your help ... I took this exam five times before passing and I firmly believe that I only passed because of your program, method, and mentorship. I have not stopped talking about the genius of Proponics, what your classes have to offer, and the wonderful grading feedback I gained from the course. Thank you, thank you. I so appreciate it."

Christian Acevedo, Attorney

"I had taken the California bar exam twice previously and failed. I tried studying Barbri outlines, but practicing full time and going from place to place with the military was enough to sink me and thwart my efforts. Then ... one of your students ... told me - “just do what Dr. Saccuzzo says!” It worked ... your personal approach and genuine demeanors go a long, long way. In particular, your voice-guided feedback on essays is above and beyond most of the other big box bar prep companies out there. ... I didn’t feel alone. ... You guys are the difference maker. Many salutes to you."

Kendra Clark, Attorney

"I highly recommend this program to anyone who does not have the time or wherewithal to sit through other all-day programs and needs to continue on with life while also preparing for the bar."

Luis Blanquez, Attorney

"I chose Bar Secrets for ... two main reasons. First, because of their innovative and unique Powerlaw Program and Proponics interactive charts. This program combines structured interactive outlines, with concise and to-the-point lectures, together with hundreds of model answers to previous bar exam questions. Second, as a foreigner with no U.S. law background, I was looking for a solid program containing all the necessary materials to become an attorney in the US. Dennis, Nancy and Andrew are outstanding tutors ... They make you work extremely hard, but at the same time, they truly care about you, being approachable, supportive and friendly."

Mercedes Garcia, Attorney

"English is not my native language and this tool has been the best for me.  I feel it is so much better than any other commercial program out there. I listened to the lectures and read all the model answers and you were so helpful providing perfect details and tips."

Mollie Chadwick, Attorney

"I PASSED THE BAR EXAM!!! This was the 4th attempt, and to be honest I didn't have much confidence. I want to thank you for everything! The videos, the advice and your unwavering support for all of us was inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm just over the moon with joy!"

Eva Umejido, Attorney

"Dr. Saccuzzo's [CalRetakers] program helped me pass the CA Bar Exam! Their weekly simulations and great feedback improved my essay writing. I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Saccuzzo and his team. Thank you, Bar Secrets!"

Charles, Attorney

"Having taken the course in prep for the July 2018 bar, and falling short again by about 100 pts, I followed up with a 2nd round with your course in prep for California Feb 2019 exam. I am happy to tell you I PASSED. I sincerely appreciate the instruction and the materials which you and the team have developed. I sincerely believe the PT carried me through on this exam. I worked with the sample PT’s with focus on being “point on responsive” and developed a much better notation/outlining approach which allowed me to finish the end of the day with real confidence I did the very best I could. I am an AVID FAN and continue to suggest my student friends take a good look at your program. My appreciation goes out to you and the team."

Daniel, Attorney

"Dr. Sacuzzo’s approach to the P.T. is hands down miles above BarBri’s or that Matrix approach.  He has a no nonsense, get to the crux of the issues approach to the P.T.  You only have 90 minutes to give it your best shot sorting out a dense library of material that is worth the grade of two essays.  Why waste time over-complicating things with unnecessary matrices or over zealous outlines?  I found Dr. Sacuzzo’s approach to be highly time efficient and effective."

Doug, Attorney

"My name is on the pass list. I can't say enough good things about Bar Secrets!"

Daniel Infuso, Attorney

"Bar secrets is the most comprehensive bar prep program available. The grading workshops gave me great insight and feedback, and I highly recommend the attorneys personalized feedback on the PT and on the essays. Bar secrets is very helpful, very responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. The three phase approach was proven. Thanks a 1000x times!"

Christine Orich, Attorney

"Thank you so very much for helping me get over this hurdle! The program addressed all of my weaknesses and provided all of the support I needed to go into the exam with confidence."

Claudia, Attorney

"I passed. The last two times I missed it because I failed the PT. I ran out of time. This time I started the afternoon with my PT and did the essays last. I think this worked out better for me, as I was not as pressed for time. I felt a lot more relaxed knowing that the PT was out of the way. I felt a lot more comfortable answering the essays and just simply followed the Proponics approach. I always did well on the MBE, however, this time I was not as confident. I found the questions were more difficult than previous times. Some of the fact patterns were knew to me and I used BARBRI and PMBR. I did not think I would score high enough to pass. I want to thank you, Dr. Johnson and Professor Poplin for all of your help. I could not have done it without you. I regret not having used the program since taking the Bar the first time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Mimi, Attorney

"I just wanted to send you a quick thank you to you and your colleagues. Last night at 6pm I was able to realize a dream I have had for quite some time.  I know that without your tutoring, guidance, and encouragement I would not have been able to accomplish this feat. Thank you for giving me my life back, which has been on hold since this journey began.  I hope you and your family as well as the whole dream team have a wonderful Holiday season: thanks to you my family and I will definitely have a great one."

Verena, Attorney

"I took my first bar exam 16 years ago and my most recent 12 years ago. Tackling the California bar was a daunting task. I gave the exam a try after studying for it on my own but didn't pass. I then enrolled in the BarSecrets Attorney course and here we are. I just found out I passed the exam and am writing a review. The Proponics Learning Environment synthesizes the vast amount of material one needs to review and retain in an effective way. The ability to review Model Answers built confidence. I would urge any out of state attorney to take the full Attorney course."

John, Attorney

"The Bar Secrets approach to exam prep made all the difference for me being successful on my second attempt, especially the Proponics outline coupled with the voiceover instruction from a trio of professors led by Dr. Saccuzzo that covered all aspects of the bar exam. Whether debriefing past bar exams, going through the law of a given subject, or being readily accessible via email or through the portal, Bar Secrets’ instructional approach of cross-referencing key points of law and connecting the dots between the various subjects with consistent language in a repetitive fashion was absolutely invaluable. The team made it clear they believed in us, and made us believe in ourselves, and did it in a way that made it much easier to recall the information when it counted. Thank you for everything."

Karen Mazzocco, Attorney

"I am so pleased that I passed the California Bar attorney exam!  I credit Bar Secrets "pro-ponics" methodology and the feedback on multiple essays.  Probably the most important was learning to tackle the Performance Test.  Developing the framework of the law based on your course, I think was the key to success for this out of state attorney who has been practicing in other states for 25 years.

If I have any advice to pass onto your other attorney candidates, it is this:

Lose your legal ego.  You may be the most successful attorney of all time in your home state.

But this is California.

I spent the last few weeks before the Bar focusing on the California law Protonics outlines. 

I was arrogant in the beginning.  I thought I could knock it over the fence based on my 25 years as a practicing attorney.

Only until I shed the legal ego and did what Dr. Saccuzzo and his team said that I could pass.

LOVE you guys forever.

Rock on."

Terry Scott, Attorney

"Hello I took the Feb 2021 attorneys exam and passed first try after taking your prep course. I just want to say thank you !! I followed the syllabus kept up with the sessions including the practice test and listened to your grading tips. I was a little worried after getting some low scores from you all but I kept studying haha. You really have a solid method."

Myron Campbell, Attorney

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Oct 2020 exam using Bar Secrets! What a long road, but it feels great to be on the other side of this. I couldn't have done it without you, Dr. Nancy, and Prof. Poplin. Thank you!"

Nisha, Attorney

"I just wanted to let you know - I passed!! Thank you so much for your mentoring, support, and encouragement. I am truly grateful."

Robin, Attorney

"Thank you so much.  I passed the Bar in California!  It was my second time and your program was very helpful. I am a 55 year old woman finally fulfilling the dream of becoming a lawyer after raising my three children.  Your Proponics made a huge difference in memorizing the law.  I am going to recommend it to a few friends who took it for their third time and still didn't pass.  Thank you very much."

Agnes Azarian, Attorney

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed the October 2020 CA Bar Exam!!!!! I meant to write sooner, but it has taken some time to process this and everything else that happened with my family the months before and after the exam. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful program you have created, especially for repeaters. This was my fourth try and I don't think I would have passed the essays had it not been for your guidance and feedback. I have been watching your debriefs and really wish I had my scores because I don't remember what or how I wrote my answers. I'm so thankful that I stumbled onto your website! I recommended your program to several of my repeater friends, I hope they take advantage of it. Have a great rest of your week and again, THANK YOU!!!!"

John Adams, Attorney

"I just wanted to email you and say thanks. I just took the Feb 2020 bar. I had used Powerlaw for the July bar about a a short time before the exam. I had discovered you by sheer luck, but 2 months too late I think. Obviously, I did not pass.
I soon found myself in the fortunate position of my firm paying me to study and to help me with fees, etc. the firm instead on Barbri as my study course this time around (I had used Fleming's Fundamentals of Law in July), since they were paying for it, I did not feel like I had any alternative.
I still had access to Powerlaw and would refer to it from time to time. but after a month of trying to go through the Barbri process, I felt like I was spinning my tires and not getting anywhere. I decided to make a change.
I reviewed my July essays and determined that my problem was not knowing the law, but issue spotting. I wanted to know how to better issue spot. when Ire-discovered that you taught that very thing, I can't tell you how ecstatic that made me. I stopped everything I was doing with Barbri. I instead focused all my energy on your issue spotting workshop and began issue spotting essays from every subject.
I love that you point out the clues in the call before you even start reading to help focus your mind. You make it okay to highlight issues as you go. I was under the impression, for some reason, that you saved all that for the scratch paper.
(paraphrasing) "The bar is an issue spotting contest," put the bar in a different light for me. It wasn't drudgery, but a game. It was a game that I can play, and a game that I can win!
I soon began to recognize patterns in the questions, issue spotting became a treasure hunt. I was going to find all the treasure. Clarity set in.
On gameday, 25 Feb 2020, I was ready, focused, and excited. It may cause you to want to analyze me with your medical lenses when you read this, but I enjoyed the bar. Sincerely, I did. At the end of Tuesday night, I was ok for doing another round on Wednesday.
Your predictions were almost dead on! It was amazing when I saw that essay 1 was torts, 2 was PR, 3 was Ks and Remedies, 4 Evidence, and 5 was Business Associations (finally). It made the game even more fun.
I still feel good. I am optimistic. I am trying to temper it so as to not to get my hopes up because, it is still the Ca Bar. At the same time though, I am not dreading it like I was 6 months ago.
Thank you for what you are doing. I think you got it pretty well figured out, people want to pass the bar, they don't want to relive their entire tenure at law school in two months. Start with the trunk and then branch out.
You should get some marketing firm to help mass market BARSECRETS, because there needs to be a lot more of learning how to pass the bar, and in so doing learning the law, than drinking from the fire hose and then trying to figure out how to spit up all the water you just took in.
I know this might seem like a run on email perhaps. It is really just a long-winded thank you for your approach, attics, and direction on doing the things that matter--like issue spotting."