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Performance Analysis

What if you're closer to passing than you think? California's score letters are cryptic or misleading, and the exams you get back have no comments. So how do you know what to do differently for next time, or whether you should do something differently for next time? Let us save you some time and stress.

Our performance analysis service helps you interpret your scores from the most recent California Bar Examination, and then also reviews your returned exams (essays and performance tests) from that examination to highight what went right and what went wrong. In reviewing your returned exams, we deploy our unique grading approach described above.

  • Letter Analysis. Learn what your cryptic bar score letter means.
  • Exam Diagnosis. Our voice feedback on your returned exams will let you know what went right, and what went wrong.
  • Next-Step Direction. Get pointed in the right direction as to what to do next or differently.

You really may be a lot closer than you think, and we can help you determine that, and then lay out your next steps.


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