Proponics Learning Environment for Law

The name "Proponics" derives from the roots "ponic" (meaning to grow) and "pro" (referring to a professional) because that's what it does: it grows pros.

...that's what it does: it grows pros.

It does this by maximizing the encoding, consolidation, and retrieval of complex information. Law is the first field of complex information to which Proponics has been applied. The result is the Proponics Learning Environment for Law.

The Proponics Learning Environment for Law has essentially brought the schematic approach of Bar Secrets' popular "schema" books to life online. Now from any Internet-enabled device, students of law can access a virtual law outline of any subject of law, and control what area of that subject gets displayed, and in what level of detail, all with just a click of the mouse. Watch the video to explore its remarkable control and capabilities.

  • Tons of subjects. Includes all 21 PowerLaw subjects*.
  • Expand, collapse, and expose the law. Click or hover the mouse to control how much detail is displayed at any given time.
  • Focus mode. De-clutters the screen to zero-in on an area of law.
  • Quiz yourself. Expand and collapse functions work together to double as a quizzing tool.
  • Six Months of Access. Enjoy Proponics for six calendar months.

Because it is online, the content is easily updateable, but there is no need to re-sync or download the new version; it automatically updates. So as the law changes, so too can the environment.

Connectivity unleashes the vast reach of the Internet. The virtual outline can link to videos, PDFs, and any other demonstrative or explanatory material that can aid in the illustration of a legal concept or principle.

*Current subjects include Contracts, Torts, Property, Constitutional Law, Remedies, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Corporations, Agency, Partnership, Community Property, Wills, Trusts, Federal and California Evidence, Federal and California Civil Procedure, Professional Responsibility, Conflict of Laws, Family Law, and Secured Transactions.