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The best study materials for the worst exams.

Because our methods and materials derive from sound brain science principles, they are optimized to make learning easier and memorizing faster (and they're affordable). Get started to see why so many of our members can do more, in less time, for less money.

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"I PASSED!!!!! I am so thankful for all your help, support and guidance during this process. Words cannot describe the joy I feel. I am getting married today. I checked the results during our wedding rehersal dinner last night. I was able to share this moment with my whole family, and large group of friends in town. I saw my mom cry tears of joy like never before. I have never seen her cry. You made all this possible and for that I am forever indebted. I always said that pass or fail, Bar Secrets was the best program anyone could take."

Kris Mukherji

"Bar Secrets helped me pass the California bar exam on the first attempt. Their materials and methods helped me overcome my doubts, and to my surprise memorization was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you!"

Jennifer Poplin

"Thank you! I could not have done it without you guys. I really do believe in the program, and all I did was follow the schedule. It wasn't easy (and it made for some long days) but it worked. Without your support, I would not have made it."

Pratik Shah

"Based on high praise, I chose Bar Secrets to prepare me for the most intense test of my life: the California Bar Exam. I was not disappointed. I believe that Dennis Saccuzzo and Nancy Johnson's psychological approach applied to law, along with their emphasis on practice exams (under exam conditions) and taking care of mind and body, was what resulted in me being a first-time bar passer. From the day one, I could tell they truly had a secret; they knew how to pass the California Bar Exam. I recommend Bar Secrets with all my might, and without reservation."

Joshua Kay

"I stumbled upon very late in my bar study, about two weeks out from the exam. Though I do not know yet whether or not I successfully passed the bar, I do know that if I did pass, it will be owing in no small part to the Power Video lectures and Proponics charts, which enabled me to focus my study and visualize the structure of the law that is most often tested on the bar. For visual learners especially, this is an essential part of bar study. I appreciated the big box program I enrolled in for what it offered - but while that was all blunt force, Proponics was surgical in approach - exactly what I needed when I needed it. If I am not successful this time, I will know exactly what to do - and Proponics will be a big part of it. I am truly grateful for the barsecrets materials and highly recommend them."

Jessyca Henderson

"I chose Bar Secrets for my preparation to the California Bar Exam for two main reasons. First, because of their innovative and unique Powerlaw Program and Proponics interactive charts. This program combines structured interactive outlines, with concise and to-the-point lectures, together with hundreds of model answers to previous bar exam questions. Second, as a foreigner with no U.S. law background, I was looking for a solid program containing all the necessary materials to become an attorney in the US. That was exactly what I found with Bar Secrets. Dennis, Nancy and Andrew are outstanding tutors, and they know very well what it takes to pass the CBX. They make you work extremely hard, but at the same time, they truly care about you, being approachable, supportive and friendly. I highly recommend Bar Secrets to everyone who wants to be successful with the CBX. Thank you so much guys!"

Luis Blanquez


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