We offer a wide array of the best services to help you pass the toughest bar exams and law school exams. And because our methods and materials derive from sound brain science principles, they are optimized to make learning easier and memorizing faster. That means you can do more in less time. If you haven't already, we strongly encourage you to explore our "About Us" page to learn about our founders, schematic approach, and secrets to human memory. Already acquainted? Then here are some more details about what we offer to help you prevail over difficult bar exams and law school exams.

Power Law

PowerLaw is our best-selling, most affordable online study vault, keeping safe hours and hours of video lectures and a robust essay bank. Under the Pro plan, you get all of that, plus Proponics and practical exam strategy components. With Basic and Slice plans now available as well, PowerLaw is flexible enough and affordable enough to suit just about any bar taker's or law student's need.   

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Proponics is a state-of-the-art, user-controlled law outline platform.  From any Internet-enabled device, you can access virtual law outlines in over 20 subjects. With just your mouse, you can take control of the law. Expand it. Collapse it. Focus it. Expose it. You get to decide what area of a subject is displayed, and in what level of detail. The platform also doubles as an advanced quizzing tool. And it makes memorization a cinch, too.

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You can enroll in one of several courses:

  1. Our CalBasic Bar Course is perfect for the minimalist or self-starter. You get our structured course featuring our virtual classroom, PowerLaw Pro (video lectures, outlines, model answers), live chats, and simulated exams. Grading is sold separately.
  2. Our CalPro Bar Course has all the basic features that CalBasic does, plus grading of all the simulated exams (eight essays and four PTs).
  3. Our CalAttorneys Bar Course is perfect for out-of-state attorneys seeking admission to the California State Bar. This course will help you prepare for the attorney's exam in California. Other than the schedule tailored to the attorney's exam, it has all the features of CalPro.
  4. Our CalRetakers Bar Course is designed to help you find a better path forward. We start by reviewing your past bar exam performance, diagnosing any problems, fixing them, and then tailoring a plan of attack to get you prepared and confident for the next attempt. You also get the basic features included with CalBasic, plus grading of one exam from each of the four simulations.
  5. Our Essay course is designed to help you adopt an effective analytical writing style, which is well-suited for law exams. We will teach you our basic approach, and then reinforce that through detailed debriefs of archetypal hypotheticals.
  6. Our PT course is designed to help you master performance tests (PTs)—our trademarked approach for Mapping the Closed Universe®. We teach you our basic approach, and then reinforce that approach with step-by-step practice through several PTs together and assignments on your own.
  7. Our Early Start course is a bridge to your full bar course. If you have time to study before your full bar course begins, then this is for you. The program develops PT, essay, and MBE fundamentals so that by the time you arrive to your full bar course, you have a leg up and are ready to dominate. Seasonal availability only.

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Our grading service is unlike any other you have used. When you review an essay or performance test (PT) graded by us, using our personalized, multimedia feedback approach, you get more than just a score. It's like having a private tutor sitting beside you, going through your exam line-by-line. What makes our approach unique is that we embed voice comments directly into your essay and PT and at the exact point to which the comment pertains. Learn more to see (and hear) a sample.

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Performance Analysis

Our performance analysis service helps you interpret your scores from the most recent California Bar Examination, and then also reviews your returned exams (essays and performance test) from that examination to highlight what went right and what went wrong. In reviewing your returned exams, we deploy our unique grading approach described above.

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If you're unsure what service is right for you or you're new to using our materials, maybe you want a consultation with Dr. Saccuzzo himself or another member of our team. We can answer just about any bar exam or law school question or concern you have, and at the least point you in the right direction as to what next steps to take.

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Looking for our books?

Because Proponics brings our schema books to life online (and in a much more functional and advanced way), we generally don't sell our hard copy books alone. Proponics can be updated as soon as the law changes without the need of a reprint, and it better delivers the dynamic punch of the schematic approach. If you enjoy having hard copy materials to take notes on, though, we do still sell our books as an add-on to select purchases. If you're a PowerLaw member (Basic or Pro), you can also purchase a book set from the Discounts tile from within your online library.