bar exam examsoft Jun 15, 2017

We’ve just been alerted that the Windows 10 Creator operating system is not supported by ExamSoft (not compatible with ExamSoft), so as it stands now, the safest thing is to prevent it from automatically installing in your Windows 10 operating system. 

Unfortunately, Microsoft is pushing the Windows 10 Creator updates in a slow roll, with the update installing automatically in your Windows 10 operating system unless you take steps to prevent it. Even more problematic is that unlike most updates, this one becomes permanent 10 days after the update is installed, so you have limited time to uninstall it or to block it if it has not already installed.

ExamSoft has published instructions for a workaround that will enable ExamSoft to be used on a computer with Creator installed, but ExamSoft is apparently not guaranteeing any kind of on-site support on the day of the exam for anyone who has upgraded. The ExamSoft article on the workaround concludes with the statement:


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