CA's July 2020 bar exam in October? Cut score at 1390? Diploma privilege?

Today California’s Supreme Court directed the State Bar to administer the July exam, which had been scheduled to start on September 8, on October 5 and 6.

You can read the announcement on the State Bar’s admissions page here. You can read the Supreme Court’s letter here.

You will see that the State Bar is also to develop a provisional license program for 2020 graduates.

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Debriefs of the February 2020 California bar exam (UPDATED)

The California Bar Examiners have released the fact patterns from the February 2020 exam (you can access them here). And we have started debriefing the February 2020 California bar exam essays and PT and preparing them for release.

Q1 (Torts), Q2 (P.R.), Q3 (Ks/Remedies), Q4 (CA Ev.), Q5 (B.A.), and the PT now posted!

The released debriefs will be available on our free CalBar Updates platform. Sign up here.

If you've already signed up for CalBar Updates and are trying to log back in, click here and navigate to "CalBar Updates" then "February 2020 Bar Exam."

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The results are out. The doctor is in. Listen to his message.



Dr. Saccuzzo has a special message for all of you who received your results from the February 2020 California Bar Exam. Listen here.

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Results are coming.



Results day is coming. Make sure you listen to Dr. Saccuzzo's message.

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UPDATED 5/1: COVID-19's impact on July 2020 bar exams

COVID-19 has forced the delay of some states' July 2020 bar exams. Others have decided—for now—to keep their July offerings. And some are still on the fence. So for now, we're dividing states into the three camps below. 


The states listed below have cancelled their July exams. Unless indicated parenthetically, no makeup has been scheduled.


These states are keeping their July exams on calendar—for now. Any or all them could cancel these July offerings if they deemed it unsafe.

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It's OFFICIAL: California bar exam to be offered Sept. 9-10

Well, at least now we know what's going to happen to California's July 2020 bar examination.

The July 2020 California bar exam will be postponed to September 9 and 10. The goal is to offer the test online, with remote or electronic proctoring. Every effort will also be made to turn exam results around no later than December 31.

You can read the Supreme Court's press release here.

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Our response to COVID-19’s impact

While the fate of professional sports, entertainment festivals, Olympics, and even school and court schedules have been known for some time, we still don't yet know what impact COVID-19 will have on Cailfornia's upcoming bar exam.

Here's what we do know: California is mulling over the idea of ...


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New York's July 2020 bar exam to be given in the Fall

bar exam july 2020 new york Mar 28, 2020

Today, New York officially rescheduled its July 2020 bar exam. As of now, it plans to offer the exam in the Fall on dates yet to be determined.

You can read the press release here.

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Will there be a July 2020 California bar exam? Links to updates and breaking news.

bar exam covid-19 july 2020 Mar 27, 2020

First it was the NBA season. Then March Madness and Spring Training. Now the Olympics.

In light of the unprecedented postponement and, in some cases, cancellation of scheduled events, tournaments, and games all over the globe, some of you bar candidates have wondered what will happen to the July 2020 California bar exam.

Will there be one? Will it be postponed, and if so, to when?

The answer no one wants to really hear is the only one we have right now. And that's that we just don't know. For that matter, neither does the State Bar or NCBE, but both have provided statements and links to check for the latest news, which we're providing to you below.

Even though we are working remotely and apart from one another as ordered by the governor, our Bar Secrets team is still here. Drs. Saccuzzo and Johnson have taken to Instagram @therealbarsecrets. You will find messages and mini-lessons there. And we will post breaking news as we learn of it. If you aren't already following us,...

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The bar is over. So now what?

2020 bar exam february help tips Mar 06, 2020

A lot of bar candidates have reached out to us. Some even emailed the night the bar exam ended and already there is concern over not passing.

We're being asked questions like: Should I start studying now if I know I failed? If so, what should I be studying?

We hope to answer those questions and address that concern in the video.

Still have questions? Email Dr. Saccuzzo himself at [email protected].

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